The philosophy behind the design of the MDT has been to create an instrument that not only looks and feels fantastic but is made from the highest quality materials and is built to last.

Some of the MDT's impressive design features are outlined below.

The Valves, which are stainless steel shafts running in a CNC machined Acetal block, never need lubrication and will outlast the valves on your brass trumpet. Valve sensing is achieved by breaking an invisible light beam rather than physical contacts, to avoid any wearing parts. Springs and pads are regular trumpet items to create a familiar feel.
Opposing Rare Earth magnets are used as springs in the pitch bend levers to attain an exponential torque feedback and a smooth feel. The levers can also be adjusted to suit varying thumb sizes.
Breath sensing is achieved using an extremely sensitive piezo pressure transducer that measures very small relative changes in pressure. This combined with smart mathematical algorithms implemented in the processor allows the MDT to boast the fastest breath response out of all known wind controllers on the market.
The MDT is controlled with the use of two very powerful mini computers (microcontrollers). These are both flash devices, which can be upgraded while in the instrument and also write information to their own flash, allowing user presets to be saved permanently.
Controlling the octaves on the MDT is achieved using a series of tactile buttons on the left side of the trumpet. This technique gives the player the ability to jump between 4 octaves of range instantly and by pressing another button a total of 10 can octaves is achieved. This "keypad" can also be assigned to various MIDI functions e.g. patch change, volume control etc.
With three independent right hand thumb controllers and two switches plus five breath sensor controllers, the MDT has the unbelievable expressive capability to send an amazing TEN MIDI controllers as well as variable velocity in response to your tonguing!
The high quality finish of the MDT is achieved with the aid of a sophisticated laser cutting system, also designed by Steve Marshall. Virtually all metal parts on the MDT including valves and mouthpiece are stainless steel. High grade Acetal is used for the valve block due to its inherent frictionless characteristics and as a result sticky valves are a thing of the past.
Unlike almost all other wind controllers, the MDT comes with a custom aluminum hard-shell case for protection. Hand assembled using high density laser cut foam and black crushed velvet gives the MDT the protection it needs for many years or use.

More Reasons Why To Play The MDT

  • An MDT can be a "one person horn or string section".
  • An MDT is easier to play- i.e. no embouchure needs to be maintained to produce a professional quality tone.
  • Some people find that they simply do not have the time to maintain their "chops" on an acoustic instrument and an MDT is more in tune with their lifestyle.
  • Complete volume control is a simple twist of a knob. This means that horn players can play in small venues (i.e. quiet restaurants) without having to change their playing style. Others like the fact that they can play a wind controller into a pair of headphones and not disturb others while practicing late at night or in an apartment.
  • Others find that they can explore amazing new sounds never before possible on any acoustic wind instrument.
  • The MIDI data generated by mdt can be recorded and manipulated in a MIDI sequencer. This opens up unlimited possibilities.
  • The "Show Business Appeal" is very attractive. Audiences are naturally intrigued by the MDT. They do get attention!
  • Lots of musical organisations such as worship groups and theatre productions find that purchasing a wind controller system saves them money buy allowing their resident musicians to cover parts that would normally require extra players.
  • Many simply find the technology cool and exciting and want to enjoy it
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